Sunday, July 17, 2011

Car Accident: Revisited from another post

(Warning: Very Long Post) Scott posted earlier in the month about how we lost our poor SUV in a roll over accident the day before Mother's day, this post will go a little more into detail about the events of that fateful day! We were spending a fun filled Saturday with Scott's family up in Payson at the Wildlife Fair, We had a good time with the nieces and nephews and were headed back to the valley of the sun, we were outside of Sunflower when the accident happened, a motorcyclist (who took off) cut us off getting ready to go into a turn on highway 87, we fish tailed and went off of the road flipping 1 1/2 times finally landing in 4 cactus bushes all clumped together, Scott was able to undo his seat belt and then get my seat belt undone, he climbed into the back seat and started talking to me, I landed on my left side of my body with my Left Arm underneath my body, my glasses were never to be found again so all that I could see were things that were really close to me, I was talking to Scott as best as I could, He kept me calm while he was talking to witnesses who stopped to help, I was starting to lose feeling in my left arm due to my body being on top of it and it was really painful, I knew that I was pinned somehow around my leg area so I could not move, 15 minutes after we stopped our tumble Scott was taken to Payson Hospital by ambulance, before he left the car I heard him cry out that he needed help because he could not move his right arm without intense pain. After he was taken away a DPS Officer climbed into the vehicle to talk with me and keep me calm until the fire department and ambulance could get there, I started really getting almost hysterical because at the time that they arrived I had been laying on my arm for 45 minutes and the pain from my arm being asleep was more intense than any other problem with my body, I could hear the firefighters talking with each other about how to get me out of the vehicle, they determined that they needed to use the jaws of life to get my door (drivers side) open because my left leg was stuck under the steering wheel and they had no idea if my left arm was in tact, under the vehicle or just under me, once they used the jaws of life they had to pull me out on my tummy first before putting anything on me to determine where my left arm was, after they got me on the back board in intense pain (later I find out why, because I was covered in Cactus on both arms which would rub against the EMT's who had to carry me on a back board up a hill and my arms would hit their uniforms, ouch big time!!!!) They put me in the ambulence for a short trip to the Air Evac team who get me in a small enclosure of a helicopter and take off. They Evac me to Scottsdale Osborn which is a Level 1 Trauma Hospital, It all seems like a blur when you get into the ER room and you have like 15 people working on you, I had people trying to get cactus out of my body, checking my vitals, prepping me for several MRI's and CAT Scan's, cutting my hair in certain spots (my hair is really long and they cut some pieces flush to my head) to get a better view of my head wounds, asking me all sorts of questions that became mundane, but I knew they need to ask me the same questions over and over again to make sure that I was okay and was remembering everything that I told them earlier, After I was wheeled back to intensive care ER, I don't remember a whole lot until the DPS Officer who climbed in the car with me after they took Scott away came to the hospital to check on me and told me who he was. (Now here is the goose bumps on your arm way cool yet creepy part of this situation, when the Officer had climbed in the SUV to talk to me he sounded exactly like my Husband, using phrases that only my husband would use to keep me calm, but when I talked with him in the ER he did not sound like my husband at all). Not long after that my sister-in-law Marie and her husband come up to my bed letting me know that they are there, and they are not gonna leave, I ask about Scott and they tell me that he has a dislocated right shoulder and a couple of scrapes and he is being put out right now to put his arm back in place and as soon as he can get released from the hospital his parents are bringing him to me. Marie is asking how to get a hold of my family, My mom, step-dad, sister, and bro-in-law are 1 day shy from finishing their vacation to Disneyworld (Florida) and I am not sure if we can get a hold of them, they try my brother and get a hold of him and he and his wife come down, I see all of my sister-in-laws but one, and most of my brother-in-laws, Once my mother-in-law finds out about someone in the family being hurt, the entire world knows, LOL! Once Scott is released from the hospital at close to Midnight his parents travel the 1 1/2 hours to bring him to me so that he can see that I am okay, I just look like I got into a fight with several cactus' and they won, I am bruised everywhere, have a corneal abrasion on my right eye, cuts and scrapes everywhere and have a concussion. I spend 3 days in the hospital trying to recover enough to go home, I get released and get new glasses so that I can see something and my Mom takes Scott and I up to her house to move in with her for a couple of months so that she can help us recover, I start physical therapy for my arms because I cannot use them, Scott starts seeing a Orthpaedic Surgeon who determines that he needs to have surgery on the 20th of July to fix the tear in his socket which is torn over half way, once he recovers enough he will start therapy to get the strength back in his arm! While he was in the ER the nurses had to take away his cell phone because he was trying to find out what was wrong with me, and then finally one nurse took pity on him and let him call the Hospital that I was at to get a status update on me, he then calmed down a bit. That would be the love of my life!!!! We both know that we were saved for some unknown reason, upon talking with the officers and the insurance peeps we were told that we were both so lucky to be alive, one if not both of us should have perished in the accident! WE are so thankful to still have each other, our families and the lord, we cannot express the heartfelt gratitude for all of them!!

Happy Little family

These are wolf pups from Bearizona in Williams, AZ! As you can tell we spent most of our time at the park looking at these guys and gal. These are Artic Wolves that are 2 months old. We hope to go back to Bearizona soon, we like going there!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Path of destruction

This photo was taken at the side of the highway looking towards the path our SUV took in our roll over. The trees in the middle of the picture is were our SUV landed behind. A 150 feet from the edge of the highway and upside down.

Our Poor Car

Well here is what is left our our poor SUV. We lost it in an roll over accident the day before mothers day. We are greatful to still be here and enjoy everything. Jodi and I walked away with minor injuries. Mostly cuts,bruises, scraps, cactus and a dislocated shoulder. It's hard to believe we walked away from this (OK carried away on back boards by the fire fighters). Rest in peace our poor SUV.